Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia , Riyadh & Al Khobar

Abdulaziz Al Assaf

Founder and Chairman

Abdulaziz Al-Assaf is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has over 35 years of experience in the legal industry and has emerged as one of the most important Saudi lawyers. He has worked on several critical projects and strategic deals in the Kingdom and the Gulf, including the establishment of Bank Albilad, the municipal council elections project, the second mobile license project, the privatization of parts of air services in the Kingdom, and the standards and metrology systems project. Abdulaziz Al-Assaf has also led legal alliances working on many infrastructure projects and strategic projects in the Gulf countries. He has represented and pleaded before many courts and arbitration centers locally and internationally, representing the largest companies and businessmen in the Middle East region.

Dr. Saleh Al Amro

Board Member

He has worked in many government positions and headed many companies, joining several regulatory councils in the Kingdom. He has chaired the Board of Directors of Takamul Holding Company and served and is still a member of the board of directors of several private companies. Dr. Saleh has a wealth of experience and relationships that enable him to closely understand the field of finance and business. He brings a perspective based on the reality of the market and the changing economy to help integrate it with the reality of rigid and slow law in nature.

AbdulMalik Al Modayfer

Managing Partner, Board Member

He is our Managing Partner, as well as a member of the Board of Directors. And he has a wide and varied experience in many areas affecting economic activities. Abdul Malik combined his work in litigation and disputes with managing commercial deals, making him a prominent name in the legal services sector. Abdul Malik has worked on many important disputes and deals at the level of the Kingdom, including disputes between the founders of a Saudi joint stock company whose value exceeded two billion riyals, the owners of one of the largest family businesses whose value exceeded several billions, several real estate disputes, and representing a Saudi bank in one of the largest zakat cases in the history of the Kingdom. He has also contributed to a number of organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, prepared a set of studies for clients to present them to the legislative bodies, worked to liquidate an estate whose assets exceed one thousand real estate assets, created endowment formulas and regulations, and approved them by the Sharia courts. Abdul Malik has also led negotiations on several equities and private equity deals and venture capital.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Luhaidan

Lawyer, Head of Litigation Team

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Luhaidan is an accomplished lawyer and the head of the litigation team at our firm. Prior to joining our firm, he worked as a judge in the public courts, where he gained invaluable experience in the legal system. He has worked in different courts across Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of the nuances of the legal system in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Al Luhaidan's experience as a judge has provided him with a unique perspective on the legal system, which he brings to his work as a lawyer. He is renowned for his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to provide legal advice that is both comprehensive and effective. He is also a prolific writer, having produced a number of articles and research papers on various topics related to the law. Some of Dr. Al Luhaidan's notable works include his descriptions of the netting contracts affecting the conditioning, the fall of the right to pleadings system, and his introduction to litigation procedures in the public courts. He has also written on questions affecting the expiration of the case, judgment against the defendant for his absence without evidence, and facilitating the evidence system. Dr. Al Luhaidan's combination of judicial experience and scientific grounding make him a valuable member of the litigation team at our firm. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work, and his contributions have helped the team achieve many successful outcomes for clients.

Saleh Al-Koleia

Lawyer, Head OF The Special Cases Unit.

Saleh Al-Koleia is a prominent lawyer and the Head of the Special Issues Unit at our firm. With a Master of Laws degree from the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, Saleh brings extensive experience in the public judiciary to his role. He has served as a former judge in various courts across multiple disciplines inside and outside Riyadh, including as the head of a court and as a member of committees for launching and developing implementation courts. Saleh's expertise includes participating in the drafting of the standard contract for "Ejar" of the Ministry of Housing and reviewing several regulations in the Kingdom. He has also participated in settling a number of cases whose value exceeded 100 million riyals, demonstrating his exceptional skills in handling complex and high-stakes legal disputes. In addition to his legal practice, Saleh is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He has participated in teaching regulations in Saudi universities and has contributed to the execution of the judiciary in several forums inside and outside the Ministry of Justice. Saleh's strong background in the judiciary and his extensive legal experience make him a valuable member of our team. We are proud to have him as the Head of the Special Issues Unit, where he leverages his expertise to provide our clients with high-quality legal representation and advice.

Musaed Al-Damigh

Advisor, Supervisor Of The Tax & Zakat Disputes Team

Musaed Al-Damigh is a Certified Public Accountant (SOCPA), Partner and Head of the Tax Dispute Team. • A licensed accountant with extensive experience in tax and zakat cases, gained during his work as Director of Studies Department at the General Secretariat of Tax and Zakat Committees for three years. He oversaw the preparation of an extensive opinion on each case before referring it to the adjudication committees, which resulted in over three thousand successful cases. • After joining us as a partner, he leads the firm's tax dispute team, where he leverages his expertise to defend clients in complex and high-value tax litigation cases. • One such case he led resulted in a successful defense for a client facing an income tax case valued at over one hundred million dollars.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mubrrad

Advisor, Head Of The Data Protection Team

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mubrrad is a highly qualified data protection expert, with a Ph.D. in data protection laws. He serves as the head of our Data Protection Sector, and is the first Saudi to hold such a position. Dr. Abdulaziz leads a modern unit that is dedicated to regulations related to data protection, which are constantly changing both in the Kingdom and around the world. We recognize the importance of complying with these regulations, as they have a significant impact on our clients from both local and international companies. At our firm, we prioritize compliance services for our clients, and to this end, we have established an independent unit that is headed by Dr. Abdulaziz. The unit provides expert advice and assistance in setting up procedures and measures to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. With Dr. Abdulaziz's vast knowledge and experience in data protection, we are able to provide our clients with unparalleled guidance in this complex and ever-evolving area of law. Our goal is to safeguard the interests of our clients and ensure that they are always in full compliance with local regulations, allowing them to focus on their business operations with peace of mind.

Abdul Rahman Al-Assaf

Vice President Of Services, Strategic Advisor.

Abdul Rahman Al-Assaf serves as our Vice President of Services and Strategic Advisor. With his extensive experience in various business sectors, he plays a pivotal role in leading negotiations for strategic projects, both for our company and for our clients. His expertise and deep knowledge of the intricacies of the business world enable him to navigate complex deals with ease and finesse. As a trusted figure in the business community, Abdul Rahman also plays a vital role in our business development efforts. His reputation for excellence and his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services have earned him the confidence of our clients and partners alike. We are proud to have him on our team, and his contributions continue to drive our success and growth.

Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem

Deputy Vice President Of Business Development.

Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem is an integral member of our team and serves as the Vice President of Business Development. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, along with a vast network of connections in the business community. Abdulaziz has cultivated strong relationships with members of the royal family, large family office leaders, prominent real estate moguls, which have proven to be invaluable in securing strategic partnerships and business opportunities for our firm. As the VP of Business Development, Abdulaziz plays a pivotal role in driving our firm's growth and success. He is responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, forging partnerships with key players in the industry, and staying up-to-date on emerging trends and market conditions. With his deep understanding of the market and extensive network of contacts, Abdulaziz is a valuable asset to our team and to our clients.

Suleiman Al-Khudairi

Suleiman Al-Khudairi is a lawyer specialized in administrative cases.

As a highly skilled lawyer specializing in administrative cases, Suleiman bin Abdul Hakim Al-Khudairi has achieved numerous victories on behalf of his clients. He has represented a group of clients before the administrative courts, and his success in many of these cases has earned him a reputation as a distinguished lawyer in the administrative judiciary. Notably, Suleiman has a track record of representing government contractors in disputes with government agencies, achieving great success and favorable outcomes for his clients. In addition to his work in administrative cases, Suleiman has also worked on many real estate cases, one of those was worth more than 600 million riyals and was litigated before the general courts.

Abdulmohsen Al-Assaf

specialized in labor cases.

Abdulmohsen Al-Assaf is a committed and diligent lawyer with extensive experience in significant labor cases. He is known for his success in resolving disputes and achieving great outcomes for our clients in numerous labor matters. Abdulmohsen Al-Assaf consistently works on enhancing his legal knowledge and skills by actively participating in training courses across various legal domains. He is always eager to take on challenges and engage in continuous learning to stay updated on the latest legal developments and advancements in matters related to labor issues.

Mohammad Al-Twaijri

Trainee lawyer specializing in commercial transactions and cases.

Due to his legal expertise and qualification in Shariah-compliant financial consultations, coupled with his Master's degree in commercial litigation, he has acquired sufficient knowledge in commercial and financial matters. This enables him to represent clients in commercial transactions and related disputes, as well as financial and banking cases, where he has gained extensive practical experience in handling such disputes.

Abdullah Al-Rashudi

Lawyer, Specializing in Collection and Enforcement Cases.

Abdullah Al-Rashudi is a highly skilled lawyer, specializing in collection and enforcement cases. His education in Sharia and law has enabled him to apply a unique blend of expertise to represent a variety of companies and commercial entities in pursuing their dues before commercial and public courts. He has worked on numerous civil and commercial collection disputes, successfully representing his clients and achieving favorable outcomes. His extensive knowledge and experience in this area make him a valuable asset to our firm.

Abdulmalik Al-Twim

Lawyer, Specializing in Real Estate.

Mr. Abdulmalik is a valuable addition to our office, specializing in handling high-profile cases in various fields, including real estate. He has defended numerous clients and achieved significant successes in real estate cases, thanks to his strong legal skills and deep understanding of the legal system.

Ahmed El Alaoui

Legal Advisor, Searcher.

Ahmed El Alaoui is a highly skilled legal adviser and doctoral researcher in the field of law. His academic training has equipped him with the ability to conduct in-depth research on legal issues and pay attention to even the smallest details, while his practical experiences in various fields have allowed him to think creatively and outside the box. With his unique blend of academic and practical expertise, Ahmed is able to provide our clients with innovative and effective legal solutions to their most complex challenges.

Abdullah Khalil Al Modayfer

Junior Associate.

Abdullah Khalil is considered an important member of our team due to his expertise in the legal aspect, which is essential in the Saudi judicial system. Mr. Abdullah is proficient in conducting legal research and assisting in case preparation.

Abdulmohsen Ahmed Al-Assaf


Mr. Abdulmohsen actively contributes to the preparation and management of legal cases. His role involves conducting thorough research and analysis of relevant laws and legal precedents. His strong passion for learning and dedication make him an invaluable member of our team.

Saad Al-Assaf

Corporate Governance and Compliance Expert.

He is a highly experienced organization and corporate governance expert, with over twenty years of experience in organizing and structuring Saudi and foreign companies of all kinds. His expertise in this area enables him to provide our clients with comprehensive and practical advice on how to establish and maintain a well-structured organization that adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. Saad's in-depth knowledge of local and international regulations, combined with his strong analytical skills, makes him an invaluable member of our team.

Hamad Al-Assaf

Secretary of the Board of Directors

supervisor of financial and administrative affairs


Ziad Al-Batal

Strategist. of counsel

He is a highly experienced strategist with over 22 years of expertise in strategic and management consultancy across Gulf countries and Europe. He specializes in strategic transformation, marketing, data analysis, and digital transformation programs. Ziad has held several prestigious positions in his career, including being the former CEO of Peppers & Rogers, an advisor to His Excellency the Minister of Housing, former Executive Vice President of the Saudi Telecom Company, and director of Booz Allen and ADL companies. He holds two master's degrees, Business Administration from the University of Edinburgh and Communications Engineering from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. With such an impressive background, Ziad is an invaluable consultant to our firm, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Serge Moutran

Strategist. Of Counsel

With over 19 years of experience in strategic and management consultancy in the Gulf countries and Europe, Serge Moutran is a highly skilled strategist. He has extensive experience in various areas, including the telecommunications sector, implementing digital transformation programs, performance measurement, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes in several public and private sector facilities. • Former Director of BCG Consulting and former General Manager of Strategy at Zain Telecom, Moutran has a proven track record of success in developing and implementing strategic initiatives for his clients. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Virginia State University and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the American University of Beirut.

Albert Haddad

trategist. Of counsel

With over 19 years of experience in strategic and management consulting in the Gulf countries and Europe, Albert Haddad brings a wealth of business acumen to our consulting team. He has extensive experience in developing effective organizational structures, streamlining operational processes, and re-engineering procedures to improve performance. • Formerly the CEO of X-Cite and General Manager of the Saudi Telecom Company, as well as a director at Strategy&, Albert's expertise in the telecommunications and technology sectors is invaluable in helping our clients navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. • Albert holds a master's degree in business administration from INSEAD and a bachelor's degree from the American University of Beirut.

Abdullah Al Modayfer:

Financial advisor. Of counsel

with a deep focus on the labor market and regulations. • An expert in the laws, programs, and organizations of the labor sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has deep knowledge and experience in government incentive programs related to Saudi workforce training, and has successfully utilized them to the maximum benefit of numerous clients. Abdullah has played a pivotal role in transforming many companies, enabling them to take advantage of government incentive and regulation programs, resulting in significant returns on investment. His extensive knowledge of government regulations and incentives, coupled with his business acumen, have enabled him to provide invaluable guidance to our clients in navigating the complex landscape of the labor sector in Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Abdallah Al Twaijri

Real Estate Experts

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